Kim Agrees To Visit US, Confirms Inviting Trump To Pyongyang, by Tyler Durden

It’s hard to disagree with Trump; it was a good summit. From Tyler Durden at

Update: As North Korea’s day begins, Kim is on the wires reiterating Trump’s comments, underlining the need for North Korea and US to “take practical measures” to follow through on the topics discussed in Singapore.

According to KCNA, Kim said it was “urgent for North Korea and US to make the bold decision to stop irritating and hostile military actions against each other,” adding that “if the US takes genuine measures to build trust” then North Korea “can continue to show additional goodwill.”

Finally, Kim said that Trump and he discussed “taking legal, institutional steps to guarantee commitment to avoid antagonizing each other.”

And North Korean State media also reports that Kim Jong Un invited Trump to come to Pyongyang during the Singapore summit, and confirmed that he also agreed to visit The United States.

Trump also updated his status of the summit in tweet-form:

While Trump was quick to take a victory lap after signing a non-binding letter (of intent) with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un to implement the dunclearization of North Korea, several questions have emerged among which:

  • the lack of deal enforcement
  • the lack of verifiability of N.Korea’s denuclearization efforts as part of the “Complete, Verifiable, Irreversible  Denuclearization” or CVID protocol
  • the legitimization of North Korea’s regime
  • China’s role in the process
  • the end of joint military drills with South Korea.

While Trump’s response to most critics was that the process is just starting and that it will take time to denuclearize, where Trump will see the greatest amount of pushback is on the last bullet point. Speaking in an interview with George Stephanopoulos shortly after the one-on-one with Kim, when asked if there was talk of pulling U.S. troops out of South Korea, Trump said the topic didn’t come up, however he said the following:

“We didn’t discuss that, no. We’re not going to play the war games… I thought they were very provocative. I also they’re also very expensive.”

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