American Cold War Experts: “The Real Threat Is Russophobia”, by Tyler Durden

Two people who have spent their careers actually studying Russia dispute the mainstream media’s cartoonish narrative. From Tyler Durden at

And now for expert analysis that runs refreshingly contrary to the week’s Trump-Putin mass hysteria over the Helsinki summit, we find ourselves surprised to feature an unusually honest Vice segment on HBO: These American scholars say the real threat to the U.S. is Russophobia.

“If he [President Trump] means what he said he was right. It would be great to cooperate with Russia — I would go farther, it’s imperative… We are eyeball to eyeball in a new Cold War with Russia,” begins Stephen F. Cohen, considered among the world’s foremost Russian academic experts, while sitting beside John Mearsheimer in this latest Vice interview, who nods his head in approval.

Both have long been a thorn in the side of the McCarthyite commentariat which alleges Russian collusion behind every decision of the Trump administration.

Screenshot of Vice HBO segment: Stephen F. Cohen (left) and International Security Policy Co-Director at the University of Chicago, John Mearsheimer (right)

Mearsheimer, a longtime International Security Policy program director at the University of Chicago, questions the now largely cemented narrative created by those who have least understanding of the history of US-Russia relations: “Why won’t people engage in a legitimate debate with people like Steve and me? And I believe the reason they won’t is they would lose the debate – I’m fully confident of that.”

Instead of a rational, nuanced national debate we are fed a steady diet of simplistically absurd and crude images like the newly unveiled Time magazine cover:

As the American public has from the time of Trump’s election endured endless obtrusive and cacophonous media noise with no real smoking gun (as Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper famously admitted a year ago) to back the charges of collusion — what CNN’s Van Jones early on admitted was “just a big nothing burger” — the voices of a small cadre of real Russian experts rarely breaks through to a mass audience.

“There is an unwillingness to engage in debate on this issue, like I have never seen before,” Mearsheimer tells Vice.

And Cohen adds:

We’ve demonized Putin and we’ve Putinized Russia so we demonize Russia. Russophobia is running amok in this country. 

I’ve seen these things from the inside. I’ve re-thought and re-thought how we got to the edge of war with Russia, where we haven’t been since Cuba in 1962. And I have concluded, and I would be happy to debate my opponents… It is 95 percent our own doing.

To continue reading: American Cold War Experts: “The Real Threat Is Russophobia”




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