NATO: Doomed to Destruction by Its Own Growth, by Martin Sieff

As SLL noted in “The Black Belt Strategist,” NATO puts the US in a position of weakness, not strength. From Martin Sieff at

In the 1960s, Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby in the United States created a superhero with a novel twist. He was called Giant-Man, and the bigger he got, the weaker he became. Today that character is a prophetic parable about the future of the post- Cold War “super-NATO” that has expanded to include 29 nations compromising more than 880 million people.

Lee and Kirby actually based their premise on sound physics and biology. Given the mass and gravitational pull of the earth and the structure of the bones and muscles of the human body, any human being who grew too large would be unable to move easily or ultimately even support their own weight. This fate is now certain to destroy the still-manically-expanding NATO alliance.

The comic book hero Giant Man was at his strongest at only 12 feet tall, much as NATO was at its greatest effectiveness when it served only as a defensive deterrent alliance during the Cold War counter-posed to the Warsaw Pact

Over the past 30 years, NATO has steadily, inexorably expanded in size. First it absorbed all the former Warsaw Pact member states in Central Europe. Then it absorbed the three tiny and virulently anti-Russian Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia. Now NATO is looking to embrace former Soviet Georgia and Ukraine.

As if all this was not enough, some genius at NATO Supreme Headquarters in Brussels came up with the idea of calling the alliance’s June 2016 military exercises in Eastern Europe ANACONDA. An anaconda is a gigantic carnivorous snake in the Amazon rain forest that first encircles its victims, crushes them to death and then devours them. What message was Russia meant to take from such tasteless nomenclature?

However, it will not happen. Far from burying Russia, the US-led NATO alliance has been burying itself instead through its reckless, unending and remorseless growth. The curse of Giant Man is upon it.

When the comic book hero Giant Man grew to 50 or 60 feet tall, he collapsed under his own weight. Such a fate is already happening to NATO.

The fundamental problem of the NATO alliance is that it is simultaneously too big and too diverse. The bigger it gets, the weaker it gets.

This is because, with every state that joins the Alliance, the only militarily significant power within it, the United States, takes on an additional commitment to defend it.

What does the United States get in return for its reckless bestowal of such earth shaking commitments? It gets nothing at all.

To continue reading: NATO: Doomed to Destruction by Its Own Growth


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