Chick-Fil-A Celebrates Pride Month By Serving Delicious Chicken Sandwiches To Everyone Just Like All The Other Months, from The Babylon Bee

U.S.—Chick-Fil-A restaurants are celebrating the LGBT pride movement all month long by serving delicious chicken sandwiches to everyone without discriminating.

Restaurant spokespeople didn’t even announce the program. They just kept serving chicken sandwiches, offering customers a good value for their money, and providing stellar customer service. When asked about their Pride Month plans, a spokesperson shrugged and said, “Uh, just come in and have some food and we’ll give it to you at a reasonable price and make sure you have a positive experience. We won’t even ask about your orientation. So, uh, yeah. We’ll keep doing what we do.”

“It’s kinda weird,” said one gay customer. “Their logo isn’t a rainbow on social media. They don’t have any special signage telling me that I’m special. But all the same, I walked in, they happily served me food, and I went on my way.”

“I’m not sure if I should be offended or impressed,” he added, shrugging. “I guess I’ll have to go back and get some more nuggets as I think over my feelings about this unique way to celebrate Pride Month.”

After Pride Month is over, the restaurant will reportedly just keep serving excellent food.

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