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They Said That? 1/16/17

Tonight, the answer to the headline question is no, they didn’t say that. Bad Lip Reading delivers its video on Trump’s inauguration, and it’s pretty damn funny.

Speaking of funny, it doesn’t get much better than Mary Tyler Moore’s famous Chuckles the Clown Funeral episode. May she rest in peace. In case you missed it:



Battle of the Hats, by Scott Adams

Here’s a caustic look at the Million Woman March and their pink hats. From Scott Adams on a guest post at

When Donald Trump ran for president he put his clear, simple message on the front of bright red hats. The message was perfect. The choice of a hat instead of a t-shirt or other garment was perfect. The color red was perfect for his message – bold, sexy, and important. The hats were a master class in branding and influence. Political historians will be referring to Trump’s hats for ages.

Compare that to the Million Woman March. They chose pink because – I assume – it is a bit of an ironic color for women who are fighting for their rights. Women are “owning” pink to rob it of its power to brand them as the so-called weaker sex. At least that’s why I assume they picked pink.

We’ve seen that kind of ownership-gambit work before. African-Americans successfully took over the N-word and robbed it of its historical power. Gays successfully turned the chant “We’re here, we’re queer. Get over it” into ownership of the Q-word.

We also saw Trump use a version of this ownership-gambit during the campaign. The media accused him of being a whiner and he responded by saying he was the loudest voice for change. Trump owned the accusation and weaponized it.

So we know this idea of embracing the insult and flipping it into a positive – or at least a neutral – is good persuasion. It works quite often. But let me tell about you one of the rare cases where you should NOT use that persuasion technique.

Don’t use it to own pink.

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