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Bring Your Child To Work Day, from The Burning Platform


We had just experienced exactly the type of free and honest fight club conversation that ZeroHedge enables, by Hedgeless Horseman

I attended the conference that is the topic of this article, and made a presentation on “Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media.” Soon I will release the text of that presentation, probably in parts since it was about a 45-minute speech. It was a great conference, and Hedgeless Horseman and Zero Hedge deserve a world of credit for hosting it. From Hedgeless at

At the time, my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves.” 

-Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

I am still trying to interpret and integrate all that I experienced and learned about disintermediation, about myself, and about y’all at last week’s First ZeroHedge Symposium and Live Fight Club in Marfa, Texas. I hope that writing this after-action report will help me to better assimilate it.

Last Wednesday, I picked up the aquaponics speaker, Tim, upon his arrival from Hawaii at the airport.  My family and I got to know him well during our short 10.5 hour drive out to Marfa, and over the course of the next 6 days.  We now grok the differences between aquaponics and hydroponics, and the similarities between our two families.

For us, staying in the tepees, tents, and vintage aluminum trailers at El Cosmico proved to be a very good choice.  ZeroHedgers arrived and immediately coalesced around the open-air showers and community kitchens.  Usually the question of, “Are you here for the symposium?” was answered with a yes, a big smile, an offer of a beer or mescal, and an introduction such as, “Hello, I am hedgeless_horseman.”  

[The guy in the picture is Hedgeless Horseman]

Some of us had come a day early to tour the art at the Chinati Foundation.  I had very high expectations based on the reading I had done, and they were exceeded.  It was sublime to experience Donald Judd’s 100 untitled works in milled aluminum, in that particular light, architecture, and environment.  Another favorite was Robert Irwin’s relatively new permanent installation where we literally moved out of the darkness and into the light.  The full-day tour served as the perfect appetizer to clear, open, and prepare my mind for the three-day symposium.

Thursday afternoon, I learned from our gracious hosts in Marfa that a few special snowflakes, which had only recently fallen in this hot and dry desert, had started a petition for the city to ban us from holding the symposium in “their” town. I asked what the perceived problem was, and was told that they were afraid we were violent and white supremacists.  We all laughed, especially the non-whites and pacifists.  Someone asked if the special snow flakes were able to read the list of speakers and topics.  Apparently not.  However, I immediately suspected that their concerns and petition were just another clear case of FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real.  This was confirmed when I agreed to be interviewed by one of them, a young woman from New York, who also claimed to be a freelance journalist.

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He Said That? 6/12/17

From Jay Leno (born 1950), American comedian, actor, philanthropist and television host:

How come you never see a headline like “Psychic Wins Lottery”?

Blank Reality Check, by Stilton Jarlsberg

SLL can’t resist a story about someone actually named Reality Winner. From Stilton Jarlsberg at

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With the announcement that 25-year old “Reality Winner” (no, really) had been arrested for stealing and leaking top secret documents, it became clear to us that a near and dear friend who was very ill for a very long time had finally been pushed over the brink: we regret to say that Satire is dead.

Because seriously, when a story gets this “in your face” ridiculous – what details are left for us to push to humorous extremes?!

Start with her name: “Reality Winner.” Then let’s tick off the other boxes: lesbian bodybuilder, ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, a “Black Lives Matter” enthusiast who (though white herself) argues that “Being white is terrorism.” A woman whose social media posts include referring to the President of the United States as a “piece of shit” and the “Tangerine in chief,” who additionally declares that in a war between the US and Iran, she’ll side with Iran.

And still…STILL…she was given a top secret security clearance and access to classified materials. Which raises two very troubling questions: just what in blazing Hell does someone have to do to not get a security clearance, and how many other angry, ignorant, communist-leaning, anti-American social justice warriors are currently embedded in (and sabotaging) our intelligence agencies?!

We’re guessing the number to be terrifyingly high, but can’t know for sure because trying to find out would require functional intelligence agencies. And that ship, like Satire, has sailed.

The Truth, by Hardscrabble Farmer

What can be said about Kathy Griffin’s idiocy that hasn’t been said? We didn’t want to give the misanthropic twit the SLL platform. We were looking for one good article, an appropriate summation, of the whole affair, and here’s the best we’ve found. From Hardscrabble Farmer at

This entire shift in culture is coming down to one simple reality.

The Truth.

They don’t offer any of it in anything that they say or do. Her entire presser is loaded from front to back with contradictions, which are the places where truth and fiction collide.

Let’s look-

Kathy Griffin has had a career in the comedy industry that has lasted over 20 years. She has been on TV, appeared in film, written books, had award winning recordings, played venues like Carnegie Hall and Times Square on New Years Eve. And all of this with an act that is near the bottom of what any reasonable comic would consider to be “funny”. One of the worst parts of being a comic is that you become jaded. Once you’ve figured out the tricks of audience manipulation, joke construction and physical delivery little remains that will make you laugh.

The ones who can make comics laugh are known to be playing to the back of the room- comic’s comics. Kathy Griffin has a reputation in the industry as being one of the least funny, most difficult and erratic people to deal with. She isn’t nice to people, she’s got an ego that is far larger than her talent warrants, she’s been handed prime spots simply because she’s a female and she’s built a huge army of comics, club owners and staff that simply revile her for these reasons. And yet she claims that “white men” have held her back? Hey Kathy, aren’t you signed with William Morris? He’s an old white guy and so is your agent, Ari Emmanuel and his partner Patrick Whitesell. What’s the problem, no female agents of color in Hollywood? Hypocrite.

You don’t see one thing in this entire episode and no seems to notice- have you seen anyone in the comedy world come forward to tell people what a genuine and decent soul she is? How naturally funny and kind, how good she’s been to others or how often she has been there for other performers, how she brought down the house with unbelievably funny and original material, always worked her ass off to get where she is?

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He Said That? 5/28/17

From David Letterman (born 1947), American former television host, comedian, writer, and producer:

The worst-tempered people I have ever met were those who knew that they were wrong.