The Numbers for the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Just Don’t Add Up, by Daisy Luther

SLL doesn’t know how much we’re supposed to panic about the Wuhan Coronavirus, but because the Chinese government is leading the charge and we’ve seen scary numbers already in screaming headlines, ranging up to 65 million who could potential die, we suspect there’s not that much to worry about. However, we recognize there are other opinions from people we generally respect. From Daisy Luther at

When researching the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus, things feel a little bit “off” to me. Let’s look at some numbers that just don’t add up.

900 confirmed cases, 26 dead

According to official reports, there are more than 900 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world. Of those confirmed cases, 26 people have died.

As of Friday, more than 900 people have been sickened and 26 have died since the start of the month, according to an NBC News analysis of data collected from China’s National Health Commission, province and city health departments, China Central Television, and the People’s Daily. China Central Television is a government-run station and People’s Daily is Communist Party-run. (source)

Today it was reported that a healthy 36-year-old man was among the dead. Up until this point, the deaths had all been people between 48-89 with pre-existing health conditions “including cirrhosis, diabetes, high blood pressure or coronary heart disease, China’s National Health Commission said.”

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