Operation Occupy White House Enters Final Act, by Tom Luongo

They’ve thrown everything they’ve got at the wall to get rid of Donald Trump, and so far nothing’s stuck. Covid-19 and the George Floyd riots are the latest failures. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

On any given day I vacillate between thinking The Davos Crowd is in desperation mode or believes they’ve got this and can ride the chaos unleashed to their preferred future.

And, sadly, men like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are the ones picked to help us stop them. The White House has been a target since they lost control of it in November 2016.

Brexit has been attacked mercilessly since the June 2016 vote. The acceleration of the populist revolt against this future has, in turn, accelerated their plans to cancel national sovereignty, square the circles of projects like the European Union and activate their shock troops to openly attack the foundations of society.

We’ve all been breathlessly watching this on our iPhones for the past week.

Starting with the operation to lock people in their homes over a cold, they then denied the effectiveness of a cure which was easily found through research into SARS.

The cure was immediately politicized and marginalized by a now retracted study to radicalize people who weren’t thinking clearly.

Their hatred for Donald Trump was so all-consuming they wanted to believe the discredited Lancet Study without actually reading it or asking basic questions like why would people in power be so against a potential cure?

The social distancing, lock downs and mask-wearing short circuited people’s sanity and put them into hyper-emotional states, making them susceptible to a much more insidious virus, that of the mind.

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