The Left’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Revolution/Coup, by William L. Gensert

The polls showing Joe Biden leading will be fodder for the argument that if Trump wins, he stole the election. SLL thinks Trump wins in such a landslide that there’s no way anyone will be able to argue that he stole the election. From William L. Gensert at

Since the advent of the Trump presidency, the left engaged their greatest minds in planning the “Russia Hoax Coup” and then the impeachment farce. Having failed miserably at both, they are now carrying out an information operation to sell maundering Joe Biden as inevitable in his attempt to win the coming Presidential Election.

They insist that Joseph Biden is leading Trump in the polls by an insurmountable 16%. Before the end of October, the New York Times and the Washington Post both will run articles using anonymous sources in the Trump Administration expounding on how they believe Biden will deservedly win in a landslide but fear the president is planning on stealing the election with the help of Vladimir Putin. CNN and MSNBC will have on ex-generals and other retired military officers expressing lugubrious concern for the future of the republic.

Or… something like that.

Joe Biden is not winning. It does not matter what the polls say. It is preposterous to believe that people would vote for someone in such obvious mental decline for the most important (and dangerous) job on the planet. The man almost never leaves his basement and when he meets with voters, he can barely fill a room, whereas Trump packs stadiums and their environs with many thousands of screaming, enthusiastic supporters. There is no enthusiasm for a revivified Biden who can scarcely finish a sentence or stop making borderline racial slurs by implying black women have best served his bid for the presidency by being good at stocking grocery shelves during his pandemic cellar dwelling.

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