All Hail the Cult of Black Suffering, by David Cole

Everybody who is anybody, including President Trump, is taking the knee to black victimization and atonement for perpetual but unspecified racism. From David Cole at

As the grotesque spectacle that is Election 2020 drags its fetid carcass down the home stretch, leaving behind a snail trail of despair and humiliation, I’m plagued by one nagging question: Is anybody buying this? Has there ever been a less honest presidential election in this nation’s history? I know that’s saying a lot, because politics is by its nature dishonest. But 2020 dishonesty is of a special vintage. The main players in this year’s election are paying tribute to an ideology we all know they don’t actually embrace.

It’s as if the entire electoral system has been taken over by a cult, one that’s made the leap from standard cult dynamics (everyone in the compound is a believer) to the dynamics that occur when a cultish clique becomes the establishment (the true believers are a small minority who enforce mass compliance via control of the state apparatus). When a cult takes over, so does its language. So does its reality. There can be debate, sure, but only within the confines of the cult’s worldview. You can say “Reverend Moon is the Messiah, and I follow him,” or you can say “Reverend Moon is the Messiah, and I reject him.” But you cannot say “Reverend Moon is not the Messiah.” That’s a denial of the cult’s reality.

This election has been commandeered by the cult of black suffering. Blacks are oppressed at every turn by “white privilege.” Blacks are being machine-gunned in the streets by Nazi cops. Blacks are being lynched on every corner by “white supremacists.” The criminal justice system must be dismantled to end black suffering. White supremacy must be denounced wherever it lurks, which is everywhere whites exist. Whites must bow, scrape, and renounce all fellow whites who don’t follow suit. And if black criminality even exists, it’s only because whites “cause” it with their racism.

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2 responses to “All Hail the Cult of Black Suffering, by David Cole

  1. Of course the issue of black suffering is just being used. Those in charge only pretend to care about any group’s rights when they can use it as a tool to destroy a larger groups rights. Levelling down instead of levelling up. (Thus big business support for BLM).


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