Klepto Joe, by the Zman

The Democrats have got nothing in defense of Joe Biden (they’re already resorting to the Russian defense) and the Republicans are playing the Biden laptop beautifully. From the Zman at theburningplatform.com:

One of the more famous political dirty tricks is attributed to Lyndon Johnson, who allegedly spread false rumors about an opponent’s life-long habit of enjoying sexual relations with his barnyard animals. When told by one of his campaign aides that no one would believe such a crazy rumor, Johnson allegedly said, “I know, but let’s make the sonofabitch deny it.” That’s the key to a good political trick. It forces the other guy to select between two bad options.

That comes to mind with the Biden scandal. Joe Biden is famously on tape bragging about how he bullied the government of Ukraine. He threatened to withhold a billion in aid money unless they fired a prosecutor Biden did not like. It was the classic bullshitter moment, in which the story is supposed to make the person telling it look like a tough guy who really knows how to handle his business. The audience was supposed to come away thinking that Biden was a man of action that other men feared.

The problem at the time was that there was never any context to the story. Why did the administration think this prosecutor was such a problem that Rambo Joe had to be choppered into to deal with it? Because Biden only appears in front of slobbering sycophants, no one bothered asking any questions at the time. No one in the press looked into the background to see if the story was true. Instead, the media promoted it thinking it helped their guy in some way.

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