Insurrection Then Revolution, by the Zman

The bargain between the rulers and ruled is breaking down, with revolutionary implications. From the Zman at

A popular fantasy among the more edgy conservatives is that one day, the Left will get the civil war they claim they want and then they’ll get it good and hard. In this fantasy, those gun-toting, constitution-loving conservatives will show Lefty why the right to bear arms was enshrined in the Constitution. It is a popular fantasy on-line, because revenge fantasies are fun and they provide relief for well-founded frustration. In reality, the great conflagration will never look like the fantasy.

Civil wars are when two sides in the ruling class cannot find a middle ground and refuse to give into the other side. The English Civil War, for example, was a fight between those elites who supported the King and those who supported Parliament. Sure, commoners were in the mix and rose in status, but it was largely a war between two factions within the elite. The same was true of the American Civil War. Slavery was the pretext, but it was largely an extension of the English Civil War.

Revolutions, on the other hand, are when a new elite overthrows the old elite, because the old system offers no way for the new elite to join the elite. The French Revolution is often framed as a peasant rebellion, but the Jacobins who led the revolt were educated and capable men, a new elite for a new age. The Bolshevik Revolution was similar, except there was competition for who would be the new elite. The communists won, so they got to name the revolution after themselves.

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2 responses to “Insurrection Then Revolution, by the Zman

  1. The trouble with revolutions propelled by chaos is the most likely outcome is a thuggocracy which the elites find easy to manage because they are in cahoots and it permits total pillage until the elite re-establish ascendancy through exercise of their one outstanding expertise. The people are being invited to revolt in the present circumstances – they would be wiser to stick to rule of law and insist the criminals in charge are held to account.


  2. If there exists a silver bullet it is this one:

    Test all children for known sociopathic markers and if they are not socialized out of the child by age 8 or so through careful and attentive parenting, send the losers with their parents to an island where they can be assholes and try to run roughshod over each other forever, while leaving the rest of us alone to live in peace and cooperation, with the resultant prosperity.

    “Now Johnnie, you can be a great man but you can’t be an asshole.”


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