Water Cures Dehydration And Facilitates All Medical Treatments, by Dr. Mark Sircus

Drink lots of clean water. From Dr. Mark Sircus at lewrockwell.com:

Water is the perfect cure for dehydration, which is important because most people in the modern era tend to be slightly dehydrated. Whether we drink too little water or too much soda or coffee or suffer from our medicines dehydrating effects, our bodies lose vital energy quickly from being deficient in water. Being low on water is like being very low in oil as you attempt to climb a mountain in your car.

In stressful times like these, when anxiety and fear increase, we should increase our water intake to mitigate the damaging effects of our emotions on our bodies. Water is our most basic medicine, but doctors do not pay enough attention to hydration levels in their patients, which gets them into troublesome lawsuits, especially in pediatrics. Thus for ourselves and our children, it pays to self-diagnose, and that is easy by paying attention to your urine color. The darker it is, the more dehydrated one is. Dehydration alters the conformation of proteins and removes water layers around proteins essential for maintaining the original protein structure

In health and medicine, it pays to pay attention to the basics. Want to stay young and healthy? Pay attention to your water, and importantly what is in your water. In most places in the world today, tap water is not acceptable. It is polluted with many contaminants, including chlorine and fluoride, which was the worst idea imaginable. Only sick politicians and health officials are in favor of putting fluoride in water.

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