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Droughts, Cloud Seeding and The Coming Water Wars, by James Corbett

There are a lot of droughts around the world and water security is becoming a concern for everyone. From James Corbett at 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.substack.com:

Here’s a puzzler for you: why is it that every time the MSM reports on cloud seeding, they treat it like some kind of crazy new invention that the world has never seen before?

For the latest example of this phenomenon, check out China is seeding clouds to replenish its shrinking Yangtze River, which was posted to that bastion of truth, CNN.com, on August 18th. In this Pulitzer-worthy piece, it takes a crack squad of no less than three reporters to tell us that “Chinese planes are firing rods into the sky to bring more rainfall to its crucial Yangtze River, which has dried up in parts.”

Well, I never! What will they think of next, Mabel?!

Of course, only a few paragraphs later they admit that this isn’t some newfangled, cutting-edge technology, but a very old idea that’s been in practice for nearly a century. So why, then, do they insist on reporting on cloud seeding as if weather modification has never been used before?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that it isn’t just the Yangtze River that’s drying up, but key waterways in regions around the world? And what does it mean when millions upon millions of people are all facing water shortages at the same time?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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Feds Cut Water Deliveries To Arizona And Nevada, May Impact Food Production, by Tyler Durden

Notice that water deliveries aren’t being cut to democrat-controlled California. Perhaps the price of water should be allowed to rise in the Golden State to the point where desalination becomes economical. The state does sit next to an ocean. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Arizona and Nevada face deeper cuts on the amount of water they can draw from the drought-stricken Colorado River, the Interior Department’s Bureau of Reclamation said Tuesday.

The agency responsible for managing water and power in the western US said “urgent action” is needed as water levels in the Colorado River’s two largest reservoirs — Lake Mead and Lake Powell — continue to drop. Under the new conservation efforts, 21% of Arizona’s annual water allocation from the river system will be reduced in 2023.

Nevada will see 8% of water deliveries reduced, and Mexico’s share will be cut by 7%. California will be spared from the new measures that begin next year.

The reductions could be the beginning of a water crisis for the 40 million Americans in seven states (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, California, and Nevada) that heavily rely on the river for freshwater and power.

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Heat-Scorched Odessa, Texas Has Been Without Water All Week Due To “Ageing Infrastructure”, by Tyler Durden

Millions for Odessa, Ukraine, a pittance for Odessa, Texas. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Amid scorching temperatures which have hovered above 100 degrees all week, one Texas city has had its water supply shut off for multiple days running. What started as a possibly 48-hour local crisis for Odessa, a West Texas town long known for oil production, has gained national media attention at a time of severe record-breaking heat waves in various parts of the US. The crisis is now pushing toward a full week of over 120,000 residents having no water supplying their homes and businesses, as Axios reports Saturday:

After a major water line break struck the city of more than 122,000 people amid scorching temperatures, local officials warned residents to protect themselves against the “imminent threat” of “widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property.”

Image source: The Texas Tribune

It started Monday afternoon following a water line break, causing city authorities to quickly issue a city-wide emergency boil-water notice, as crews began to realize the breakage was significant.

The Associated Press cited city agencies which “said taps in 165,000 homes and businesses lost pressure or went completely dry after a 24-inch (61-centimeter) main broke Monday afternoon.”

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California Lawmakers Want To Buy Up Water Rights And Cut Farming To Stave Off Drought, by Tyler Durden

Is California trying to cut people off from food, water, and gasoline? That trifecta would be a big feather in the cap of Newsome and his cohorts in the California legislature. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

In places like California, water is a hot commodity these days.  With a drought in play everyone is looking for someone else to blame, various cities are ordering cuts to daily use for families and individuals, and the primary target for now is California farmers and their legally protected water rights.  It is these same rights that legislators now want to “buy” in order to shut down or greatly decrease agricultural production.

California, like most of the world, has a long history of intermittent droughts.  Such droughts are simply a fact of life and there is nothing abnormal or extreme about today’s conditions when taking past weather events into account.  If you ask the mainstream media, though, they will tell you this is the “worst drought in 1200 years” and climate change is the cause.

This is, of course, simply not true.  The California droughts in 1976-1977 and 1987-1992 were just as bad if not worse overall than the conditions of today.  That’s not to say that the current situation is stable, far from it, but the Chicken Little panic on display in the media is driven far more by agenda than by reality.  It has become a standard tactic these days to connect every single inconvenient weather scenario to “global warming” despite the fact that there is no evidence to support the claim.  There has been an endless array of droughts in CA long before man-made carbon existed.

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Democrats Refuse To Drink Water As It’s Also Prescribed To Horses

From The Babylon Bee:

DERBY, KY—Democratic leaders are moving swiftly to counter rapidly growing misinformation that has led countless right-wing nut jobs into ingesting something that has been prescribed for horses for millennia: water.

To counter the rampant misinformation propagated by pro-water extremists, Democrats now refuse to drink water and urge other progressively minded Americans to follow suit.

“Not only is water prescribed for horses, they actually need water to survive.” Said local Democrat Thurl Turdleburd, standing guard outside of the town’s livestock shop. “With idiots emptying the farm supply store shelves of this precious product, millions of horse lives are now at risk.”

When asked if his refusal to drink water paralleled the left’s reaction to the widespread off-label use of Ivermectin to fight COVID-19, backed by over 50 promising studies, decades of safety data, and billions of doses given in third-world countries to eradicated horrifying diseases in humans, Mr. Turdleburd’s eyes glazed over. He then looked to the sky and yelled, “Science!”

Republicans are now leading a reactionary campaign in reaction to the reaction of Democrats. Leaders are rallying patriots to not only drink water that is prescribed for horses but to also sleep standing up and poop in their yards.


The American Southwest: Twice the people, half the water? by Kathleene Parker

The water situation grows increasingly dire in the southwest. From Kathleene Parker at progressivesforimmigrationreform.org:

Showing reservoirs, including iconic Lake Mead at Hoover Dam, shrunk to a fraction of their intended size, national news media is reporting that the American Southwest is in the worst 20-year drought in 1,200 years.

Yet, no one asked why President Biden is hellbent on increasing immigration – which has exploded the U.S. population by an average approaching 30 million a decade over the last three decades – when he can’t ensure adequate water for those here now. The Southwest is the fastest growing region of ours, the third most populated nation and one of the world’s fastest growing developed nations – something else never reported.

There are roughly 200 reservoirs along the length of the Colorado River – the primary water source for at least 45 million people in the Colorado River Basin and beyond – that were thought to ensure a 50-year water supply in drought. Yet, by the early 2000s, that 50-year supply was sucked dry!

At Lake Mead, the water level recently fell below the trigger point for the first-ever federal water emergency. That will mean mandatory water cutoffs, delivering a body blow to the Southwest’s economy and drying up farmland needed to feed the nation’s exploding population. But even that might not stop a collapse of the Colorado River system, a vast network of diversion projects and reservoirs stretching from Wyoming to the Mexican border. Meaning, reservoirs might run dry and diversions might no longer take water into cities of millions!

Today’s Phoenix, Arizona, was so named when settlers in the 19th century realized that they were building on the ruins of some long-ago civilization – that of the Hohokam – and named their new settlement after the mythical bird that arises from the ashes of another.

The Four Corner states – Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah – today are dotted with the ruins of the mysterious cliff dwellings and towns of the ancestral Puebloans – the Hohokam, the Anasazi and the Mimbres – who were forced into what we call the Great Abandonment, during the prolonged drought of the late 1200s though the mid-1300s. Hundreds of thousands of people fled what had been relative paradises in Colorado’s Montezuma Valley and on the once-verdant Mesa Verde, in the Gila Mountains of New Mexico and on the high uplands of Arizona, relocating to areas, mostly along the Rio Grande, with somewhat dependable water.

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Fallow Land Plagues California Farmers Hit By Drought, by Tyler Durden

Drought is looming as a larger and larger fact of life in the western half of the US. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

We’ve documented (read here & here) this spring of a “megadrought” sweeping through the western half of the country and could be one of the worst in decades. This is troubling news because major water reservoirs have already dropped to dangerously low levels, cutting off access to farmers.

The latest US Drought Monitor map shows nearly the entire western half of the nation is experiencing some level of drought at this moment. Parts of the Southwest could be undergoing their second Dust Bowl as conditions continue to deteriorate.

According to Reuters, for farmers like Joe Del Bosque, located in Firebaugh, California, a third of his 2,000-acre farm is unseeded this spring due to extreme drought and the inability to source water.

About 40% of California’s 24.6 million acres of farmland is irrigated. State and federal agencies that regulate reservoirs and canals across the state do not have enough water to allocate to farmers. Many of them are leaving their fields unplanted as a result of the water shortage.

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Water Cures Dehydration And Facilitates All Medical Treatments, by Dr. Mark Sircus

Drink lots of clean water. From Dr. Mark Sircus at lewrockwell.com:

Water is the perfect cure for dehydration, which is important because most people in the modern era tend to be slightly dehydrated. Whether we drink too little water or too much soda or coffee or suffer from our medicines dehydrating effects, our bodies lose vital energy quickly from being deficient in water. Being low on water is like being very low in oil as you attempt to climb a mountain in your car.

In stressful times like these, when anxiety and fear increase, we should increase our water intake to mitigate the damaging effects of our emotions on our bodies. Water is our most basic medicine, but doctors do not pay enough attention to hydration levels in their patients, which gets them into troublesome lawsuits, especially in pediatrics. Thus for ourselves and our children, it pays to self-diagnose, and that is easy by paying attention to your urine color. The darker it is, the more dehydrated one is. Dehydration alters the conformation of proteins and removes water layers around proteins essential for maintaining the original protein structure

In health and medicine, it pays to pay attention to the basics. Want to stay young and healthy? Pay attention to your water, and importantly what is in your water. In most places in the world today, tap water is not acceptable. It is polluted with many contaminants, including chlorine and fluoride, which was the worst idea imaginable. Only sick politicians and health officials are in favor of putting fluoride in water.

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Has California’s Green Ideology Left It Burning? by James Pinkerton

Infrastructure investment in California has not kept up with population growth, which leaves the state increasingly vulnerable to fires. From James Pinkerton at theamericanconservative.com:

The state didn’t invest in infrastructure and so the fires rage.

Once upon a time, the U.S. government looked ahead to a growing population—and looked to make sure that people would be safe and productive where they lived.

It was understood that while the familiar elements of nature—earth, wind, water, and fire—could be life-giving, they could also be death-bringing. And so, as part of the modern social contract, the state stepped in to aid growth and curb destruction.

Yet today, as wildfires engulf much of California, that social contract has been incinerated. That is, at least 79 are dead, and perhaps 1,000 are missing, yet officials seem mostly helpless to stop the damage. Indeed, the entire state seems to be de-modernizing, as air quality plummets, refugee camps are built, and fears of epidemics re-emerge.

But here’s a bet: that can-do spirit that once aided human flourishing will make a comeback. That is, it’s only a matter of time before Californians—and all Americans—demand that the government once again start putting people first.

Why this confidence? Because it happened before.

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Over Half The U.S. Has Now Been Hit By Drought As Lake Powell And Lake Mead Drop To “Dangerous” Low Levels, by Michael Snyder

The western US is running out of fresh water. From Michael Snyder at endoftheamericandream.com:

The worst drought in years in the western half of the United States has sparked hundreds of wildfires, has crippled thousands of farms, and has produced what could ultimately be the worst water crisis in modern American history.  As you will see below, Lake Powell and Lake Mead have both dropped to dangerously low levels, and officials are warning that we may soon be looking at a substantial shortfall which would require rationing.  Unfortunately, many in the eastern half of the country don’t even realize that this is happening.  The mighty Colorado River once seemed to be virtually invulnerable, but now it doesn’t even run all the way to the ocean any longer.  Demand for water is continually increasing as major cities in the Southwest continue to grow, and this is happening at a time when that entire region just keeps getting drier and drier.  To say that we are facing a “water crisis” would be a major understatement.

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