Let’s Be Honest. Nobody REALLY Knows Who Is Behind the US Cyber Attack. by Robert Wheeler

The CIA and the NSA would tell you, if they were capable of anything resembling honesty, that it’s very difficult to conclusively determine who’s behind a top-notch hack. From Robert Wheeler at theorganicprepper.com:

Amidst the reports of potential martial law, COVID hysteria, and arguments of stolen elections, there are accounts of an alleged “massive” hack attack against the U.S. government and major Fortune 500 companies.

While the details surrounding the hacking have yet to be released, it hasn’t stopped America’s judge, jury, and executioner – Mainstream Corporate Media – from declaring who the culprit is. Along with D.C. Swamp dwellers and Deep State stalwarts, MSM has reported the recent hacking as none other than Russia’s work.

I know. I know. Hold your surprise.

Predictably, the accusers have not offered a shred of evidence to prove or even back up their case against Russia. For his part, President Trump has denied that Russia had anything to do with the hack, downplaying the incident’s seriousness.

Instead, he makes a counterclaim that it was likely China who was behind the hacking. But Trump offered no evidence either.

What Happened?

A massive cyber breach allowed hackers to not only access but to spend months exploring several U.S. government and private companies’ systems around the globe. The hackers inserted malware into a software update from SolarWinds. (The company used by thousands of companies and federal agencies to monitor their computer networks.)

SolarWinds claims that nearly 18,000 of its customers in the private and public sector received the adulterated software between March and June of 2020.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency stated the attack “poses a grave risk” to federal, state, and local governments and private companies and organizations. CISA noted that removing the malware would be “highly complex and challenging for organizations.” In other words, the full scale of the hacking is as of yet unknown.

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