Plato’s Cave, Bonfires, And They Live, by John Wilder

You get an added benefit from reading John Wilder’s articles: outrageous puns. From Wilder at

“Put the glasses on! Put them on!” – They Live

Jack Nicholson gave us a Colonel of truth in that movie.

Living in the country has advantages.  One of them is being able to conduct experiments into nuclear fusion without a license.  Oops.  Did I say that out loud?

The other is that I can make a bonfire the size of Delaware.  Why would I want to do that?  Just like making my own fusion reactor, why wouldn’t I want to do that?

In my case, the next-door neighbor and I have trees that regularly need to be trimmed, or, as I mentioned in a story (A Tree Fell On My House, But I Have A Chainsaw) a while ago, just plain fall down onto my house.  We haven’t burned the pile for about three years, so I figured it was time to get rid of prime snake habitat and burn it all down.  Winter is the best time for a ludicrously large fire, so we decided tonight was the night.

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One response to “Plato’s Cave, Bonfires, And They Live, by John Wilder

  1. It has been said, “Without a drastic change; soon the people will awaken, either enslaved or free, the choice will be their own”…


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