World War I Redux: Setting Up Tripwires to War, by Doug Bandow

Does the US guaranteeing the security of at least half the planet make it more or less likely that the US will eventually be involved in another massive war? From Doug Bandow at

The bipartisan War Party will be firmly in control in Washington, D.C. when Joe Biden becomes president. He supported most conflicts waged by the U.S. since he entered the Senate in 1973. Those tapped to lead his foreign policy are architects of such disasters as inflaming a Libyan civil war now in its ninth year and supporting the murderous Saudi/Emirati invasion of Yemen.

Quite a legacy to build on!

These foolish wars of choice have been costly, especially in lives of foreigners. For instance, George W. Bush & Co. are awash in the blood of 400,000 or more Iraqis, most of whom who died in sectarian fighting after the invasion. No US official has been held responsible for his or her gross policy malpractice.

To the contrary, the latest iteration of war hawks, such as Samantha Power, complain that public concern over their past deadly blunders constrains their actions today. The self-pity just flows. So many countries to bomb, invade, and occupy, so little popular will for endless war!

However, the direct risks of these misadventures to America remain limited. The Iraq invasion had horrendous consequences for the Middle East, but US dead and wounded remained in the tens of thousands – tragic, but not Vietnam. Never did America face an existential threat. At least until Libyan or Yemeni terrorists show up in the US no Americans are likely to die as a result of participation in those conflicts.

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