Imperial America, Which Never Left, Is Back, by Sheldon Richmond

Nothing suggests that the Biden administration will abandon the imperial pretensions and ambitions that have dominated Washington since World War II. From Sheldon Richmond at

In a cliché-ridden foreign-policy speech delivered at the State Department on Thursday, President Joe Biden declared that “America is back” – on the global stage, presumably, as policeman of the world, but certainly not a disinterested policeman. The problem is that it never left.

Despite some uncouth rhetoric and regular New York Times headlines regarding “American isolationism,” Donald Trump never withdrew the U.S. government from its meddling role in the world. He baited Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela, and ended no war or US assistance to other wars. Far from leaving NATO or punishing its members for not paying more for their military forces, he oversaw its expansion – which had only one purpose: to aggravate Russia. Yes, Trump apparently removed some troops from Germany – does anyone have a good reason why they are still there? – but Biden promised to change that. He also wants to add Georgia and Ukraine to NATO, which of course – wink – would never make Russia nervous.

If that’s what he means by “America is back,” let’s us shout in unison: Thanks, but no thanks!

Not that we should be surprised by Biden’s position, considering that his foreign-policy team consists of Obama administration retreads who act as though there’s a world of difference between intervention and humanitarian intervention.

Biden put Russia and China on notice: “The days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions – interfering with our elections, cyberattacks, poisoning its citizens – are over.”

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