American Patriots Dump Harry And Meghan Into Boston Harbor

From The Babylon Bee:

BOSTON, MA—A group of rebellious American patriots did their duty for God and country today by dumping Meghan Markle and Prince Harry into Boston Harbor. The protest, dubbed “Boston Tea Party Part 2: Rebel Even Harder,” saw American protesters seize the royal couple and dump them right into the sea.

“The British are coming? Not on our watch!” they cried as they hauled the couple to the harbor and threw them in. “Royalty overboard!”

“From time to time, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the cries of British royalty as we dunk them in the harbor!” said a spokesperson for the protesters. “It was far past time for us to throw more dumb, uppity British people into the water. America!”

“Help! I’m a brave woman of color and I’m being oppreeeeeeessed!” Markle cried as she was thrown into the harbor. The rowdy colonists cheered as the couple went under, proud of themselves for once again demonstrating that America is the best goshdarn country on earth.

Prince Harry was asked for comment but said he had to check with Markle first before he’s allowed to respond.

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