Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Immediately (Open Letter to the WHO) , by Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DvM

Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM, is a vaccine research expert. He has a long list of companies and organizations he’s worked with on vaccine discovery and preclinical research, including GSK, Novartis, Solvay Biologicals, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Vanden Bossche also coordinated the Ebola vaccine program at GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization).

He is board-certified in Virology and Microbiology, the author of over 30 publications, and inventor of a patent application for universal vaccines. He currently works as an independent vaccine research consultant.

We have not seen the quite disturbing possibility that Bossche raises in his letter before. He apparently has the credentials, training, and expertise such that he can’t be dismissed out of hand. If he’s correct, then the human race may be making a horrible mistake. From Bossche (with an introduction from the website administrator) at dryburgh.com:


We’re Risking Creating a Global, “Uncontrollable Monster”

Dr Bossche believes that vaccinologists, clinicians, and scientists are only focusing on short-term results at the individual level and not the consequences at the global population level, which he believes will soon become evident. Evident in the form of  having transformed “a quite harmless virus into an uncontrollable monster”.

His concern rests on ‘immune escape’. For those needing an quick introduction to the topic, read Jemma Moran’s article Mutant variations and the danger of lockdowns.

For those needing a sweeping overview of our immunology, watch Ivor Cummins interview Creon Levit, Ep81 The Amazing Immunology of our Viral Issue – Incredible Science at Work! Many physicians would also benefit from watching this (note: the average physician receives exceptionally little training in immunology and virology). Those wishing to dig deeper into immunology in general, read for example, Roitt’s Essential Immunology, Thirteenth Edition.

Bossche states that the multiple emerging, “much more infectious” viral variants, are already examples of “immune escape” from our ‘innate immunity’, and were most-likely created by the government interventions themselves; the so-called Non-Pharmacological Interventions (NPIs) – i.e. lockdowns and cloth facial coverings. Unofficially, but also more aptly known as the Non-Scientific Interventions.

He believes that:

  • Ongoing mass vaccination deployments are “highly-likely to further enhance ‘adaptive’ immune escape as none of the current vaccines will prevent replication/transmission of viral variants”
  • As such, “The more we use these vaccines for immunizing people in the midst of a pandemic, the more infectious the virus will become”.
  • And “With increasing infectiousness comes an increased likelihood of viral resistance to the vaccines”.

He claims his beliefs are basic principles taught in a student’s first vaccinology class – “One shouldn’t use a prophylactic vaccine in populations exposed to high infectious pressure (which is now certainly the case as multiple highly infectious variants are currently circulating”).

He states that to “fully escape”, the highly mutable virus, “only needs to add another few mutations in its receptor-binding domain”.

People Stand to Lose their Natural ‘Innate’ Immunity as a Consequence of the Meddling

His real worry though, or as he puts it, “beyond worried”, is that the humankind may severely damage it’s own, natural ‘innate’ immunity, because of the mass deployment of vaccination programs at this critical juncture. Our ‘innate’ immunity would be lost (a rich, variant-nonspecific, form of natural immunity).

It would also mean that vaccine-mediated protection would be lost.

Geert Vanden Bossche Beyond Worried Keynote

Screenshot of Bossche Keynote – Vaccine Summit (Ohio), March 2nd

All whilst new, more dangerous variants would be getting actively breed by mankind. In effect, “turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction”.

Further Pre-Notes

  • Vanden Bossche – Vaccine Summit Ohio, March 2nd), keynote slides PDF, ‘Why should current Covid-19 vaccines not be used for mass vaccination during a pandemic?’
  • Vanden Bossche – ‘We must halt all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns as a temporary health benefit to the most vulnerable groups does not justify a public health disaster of international concern’, summary of the manuscript PDF, February 26th. Note “In our naïve and simplistic attempt to prevent the pandemic from running its natural course, we are in fact providing the beast with an even much better opportunity to escape host immunity than natural infection does.”

Below is his open letter to the WHO, issued March 6th, 2021. I’ve only added more paragraph breaks and blue highlights, to help others be able to process faster.

A PDF version is available.

Open Letter to the WHO: Immediately Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations

Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

To all authorities, scientists and experts around the world, to whom this concerns: the entre world population.

I am all but an antivaxxer. As a scientist I do not usually appeal to any platform of this kind to make a stand on vaccine-related topics. As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I only make an exception when health authorities allow vaccines to be administered in ways that threaten public health, most certainly when scientific evidence is being ignored.

The present extremely critical situation forces me to spread this emergency call. As the unprecedented extent of human intervention in the Covid-19pandemic is now at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal, this call cannot sound loudly and strongly enough.

As stated, I am not against vaccination. On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists. However, this type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic.

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9 responses to “Halt All Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Immediately (Open Letter to the WHO) , by Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DvM

  1. Wow such a unique scientist who knows more than everyone. We should nominate him for Deity. Yes lets stop all vaccination, which is benign, before we even evaluate its effectiveness


  2. If Dr. Bossche woiuld like to do a radio interview that will be heard by tens of millions of people please have his people contact me so I can set it up.


    • The only information I have about Dr. Bossche is what is in the article. I don’t have any contact information. I’m not sure if he speaks English. I hope you’re able to get in touch with him.


    • He does speak English and has given interviews. You may be able to contact him via LinkedIn. LinkedIn was the platform he used to release a letter to his network of professionals. Good luck, I hope you are successful.

      Liked by 1 person

    • https://www.linkedin.com/in/geertvandenbossche/

      I got the above, contact for Dr. Bossche from his twitter account. Please contact him and give him all the support and assistance that you can offer him. We are in this together, for humanity. #PatriotsWWUnite

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  3. The purpose of the “vaccine” is to genocide people thus massively reducing world population. Research Georgia Guidestones. Dr. Bossche is totally correct. Retired Spanish professor Dr. Damian Galeron has said EVERYBODY who takes the vaccine will die in 4/5 months. If you speak Spanish go to his video in AYL.TV entitled LA VACUNA.
    These are the Biblical end times, the times relating to the Apocalypse. Man, through his arrogance and defiance of God, will soon feel the fury of God’s wrath. We have become totally depraved morally by slaughtering the unborn and even justifying it, promoting all types of sexual perversions and license, the total destruction of the family, the horror of feminism which was founded by communism, the destruction of morality by political correctness etc, etc. We have seen goodness, beauty, truth and justice replaced by debauchery, vileness, lies and injustice. Decent people can take no more! MARANATHA!

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  5. Bernadette Hoeller

    Liam Kelly you are right. God help us and PRAY.

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  6. This vaccine is a weapon against our immune systems.

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