Facebook Blocks Story That Says We Weren’t Always At War With Eastasia

From The Babylon Bee:

MENLO PARK, CA—In recent remarks, President Joe Biden stated that we had always been at war with Eastasia. This had gone unmentioned by most of the press, but the New York Post wrote a story contradicting Biden’s remarks, giving evidence that until recently we had been allies of Eastasia. Facebook has now blocked this story from being shared on its platform.

Originally, Facebook gave no reason for blocking the story, but eventually, they released a statement saying their policy has always been to “defer to experts on who we are or have been at war with” and not let “dangerous misinformation be shared.”

“It’s dangerous to let false information out there,” explained Mark Zuckerberg to the press. “It’s also dangerous to let true information out there. Sometimes it’s just safer to clamp down on all information — especially from sources we don’t like.”

The New York Post spoke out against the ban, but we can’t quote them, as that would get us blocked on most platforms according to their new policies.

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