No posts today.

I’ve been pressed for time recently. Today, and probably tomorrow and the next day, I will not be posting articles. Rather, I will be using the time I would normally spend gathering articles in the morning and posting in the evening writing an article about the Derek Chauvin verdict. There are moments that catch the essence of their age and the verdict does just that with ours. Check back over the next few days; I’m not sure how long this will take. I thank you for your patience and I hope I reward it.


6 responses to “No posts today.

  1. I did not follow the trial on a detailed, daily basis. I thought he would be convicted of at least part of the charges–no fair trial possible. Look forward to your insights.


  2. Appeal should be interesting


  3. Sounds like it will be a good article. I am looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do here. I appreciate it.


  4. It will be tough to top today’s Babylon Bee report on BLM returning everything that they looted, though.


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