I8 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine: A REBUTTAL, by Dr. David Gorski

SLL posted the original article, we’ll post the rebuttal in the interests of balance. If you want to see a real shit show, go see the comments on the posting at The Burning Platform. From Dr. David Gorski at theburningplatform.com, with a hat tip to Stucky.

In this article — ( Here: Science Based Medicine  ) –– Dr. David Gorski employs his expert understanding of Medicine & Science to rebut each of the 18 reasons not to get vaccinated given by Christian Elliot (in his now viral article).  What?  You didn’t think they could be refuted?  Dr. Gorski’s arguments seem to have at least some merit. A few points will be terribly difficult to refute.

Dr.Gorski has credentials a mile long.  He has also been accused of some rather heinous acts, also a mile long.  You can read about both, ( here  ).

The original“18 Reasons” article can be found ( here  ).  You might want to reference it to read the details of each argument. In this post I will only be listing the main headline of each of the eighteen points.

My goal here (other than getting to 300) is not to be a Shitflinger. We here pride ourselves on being able to discern BOTH sides of an argument. I have not yet seen a point-by-point debate of Christian Elliot’s 18 reasons.  Now you have it.  In some instances you might wonder if Mr. Elliot was bullshitting us. Some of you might even decide to get the shot after reading this!  Good luck to you. 

Hopefully, negative reactions to this article (if any) will be more cogent than, “This is a BULLSHIT article, Stuckfuk!!“. Okaaay? So, let’s go ……….

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This is a half-truth that antivaxxers just love. It’s a half-truth in that, yes, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 did require that claims for vaccine injury go through a special “Vaccine Court”, setting up a system called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP or VICP), with the compensation fund funded by a tax on each dose of vaccine.

However, the reason for this act was that there were so many dubious lawsuits being filed in the wake of the scare over the DPT vaccine in the 1980s that there was a real fear that vaccine manufacturers would simply stop supplying vaccines to the US due to liability concerns.

Moreover, as I’ve discussed many times, the Vaccine Court is actually an easier court for complainants than standard civil court. The standards of evidence are, as has been described, 50% and a feather, the court allows “theories of causation” that no regular court would allow, and there are certain “table injuries” known to be caused by vaccines for which compensation is automatic. Even better for complainants, win or lose, the Court pays reasonable court costs. Moreover, if complainants fail, they can still take their case to federal civil court. The law only mandates that they first go through the Vaccine Court.

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