The Voyage Begins, by Ray Jason

Where we’re headed, from Ray Jason at

This is a fictional exploration of the near future.

It was the Field of Gold incident that convinced me that it was time. That was when I sailed away … probably forever.

For years, many truth-tellers had warned that there was a gigantic, half-hidden Evil steadily suffocating Humanity. Many pointed out that when the Malignant Overlords proclaimed that “You will own nothing, and be happy” this also meant that THEY would own everything … and be ecstatic. I was one of those who were shouting such warnings from the World-Wide Watchtowers.

But I was different. I could escape. This was not an accident. I had mastered the art of living aboard a self-sufficient sailboat that could flee to any of our ocean planet’s uninhabited islands. There are thousands of them. For years, I had been charting hundreds of possible options. I achieved this by gleefully using satellite images from the very same technocrats who were trying to enslave me.

Since I was forsaking civilization and embracing solitude, the mandatory vaccine passports would not restrain me. That’s because the islands I chose, were not defiled by “officials.” And since I use “the old ways” to navigate, I cannot be tracked. My sextant is not connected to their global control network.

Plus, I had never owned a smart phone or even spent a minute on social media. My path and past disappeared astern of me like the wake of my sturdy sailing boat. Hell, I am so far off the Gryd, that I’m not sure if I remember how to spell it.

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