Why the Push for the Jab? by Eric Peters

There is no good risk-reward case to be made for healthy people to get the Covid-19 vaccination. Which leaves us wondering what the real agenda behind the vaccines. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

One wonders – or ought to wonder – why the “vaccine” is being pushed so aggressively, via the carrot and the stick.

Given the fact that for most of the population, the “vaccine” is a thing they ought to fear more than the ‘Rona – which is known to not be a mortal or even serious health threat to most of the population. If you’re not very elderly or already very unhealthy, as via obesity and all the related disease processes, your chance of not dying from the ‘Rona is better than 99.8 percent.

Assuming you even get sick from it (most haven’t).

This is a fact, conceded by the “science” – though for some strange reason when the “science” doesn’t support a hysterical response, it is ignored. And the hysterical response insisted upon with even greater hysteria.

As in the “case” of continuing to force people to stand six feet apart and to wear an Obedience Cloth over their faces, in spite of the fact that neither of which “practice” has been shown by facts to have any scientific support as regards preventing or even reducing the spread of respiratory viruses.

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