25 Reasons


4 responses to “25 Reasons

  1. Thank you Robert for your tireless work. “How many times can you be lied to when you don’t know the truth?” (many sources). And many lies are lies of ommission.
    From the Pfizer Data. Vaccine (jab) group (8/18,310 0.044%). Placebo group (162/18310 0.88%)
    Relative Risk Reduction = 100(1-(0.044/0.88) = 95% of those who contracted Covid, the jab provided 95% efficacy.
    Absolute Risk Reduction 0.88% – 0.044% = 0.84% over the entire population of the study, the jab provide just 0.84% ARR.
    That is just data from the study, how one interperts it, their choice. But very few sources list the ARR being 0.84%. So much for full disclosure. Lies by ommission.
    Search for Dr Ronald B. Brown, PHD.


    • Thank you for your comment, it’s the simplest and most understandable explanation I’ve seen of absolute and relative risk reduction, with equations no less.


  2. I noticed my spell check was not working – please check my spelling on my post.


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