Remembering Our Independence, by Eric Peters

Independence, if it is to mean anything at all, must mean that one political subdivision can secede from another. That is, after all, what the American revolutionaries did. From Eric Peters at


This weekend marks another 4th of July, the day marking the announcement by representatives of the American states that they were seceding from the British empire. It is impolitic to mention that fact nowadays.

It does not make it less a fact, of course.

Nor less sound, as an idea.

Secession is nothing more than parting ways – peacefully, ideally – from those who do not share your point of view. We secede in this manner, on an individual basis, in everyday life all the time. We hang out with, date and even marry people with whom we have common interests and goals. Because we like them – and because we want to.

If we do not have common interests or goals we usually agree to disagree and go our separate ways.


Who can reasonably argue with the soundness of this? Who likes the idea of being forced into association with others who do not share the same interests and aspirations? Indeed, with others who have opposite interests and aspirations? Who do not like – and even hate – us?

Is that not a guarantee of fractiousness? Who benefits from that? At best, you have a bully – and the bullied. At worst, you have legalized bullying in the form of this thing we commonly refer to as government – which is mechanism  of coercion by which people with dissonant likes, interests and aspirations are forced into association and punished for attempting to peacefully secede from.

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