Police Bust Gang Members With Car Trunk “Full Of KFC” Takeout Breaching ‘Strict Lockdown’

Black market finger-licken good drumsticks and thighs is a danger no government can tolerate. Fortunately, New Zealand police have dealt with the threat and have the situation well in hand. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Like it’s much bigger Pacific neighbor Australia, New Zealand has recently seen a return to imposition of the some of the strictest pandemic lockdown measures on the planet. Australia, for example, has seen instances of police harassing and arresting people at quiet public parks, or even searching packages to ensure citizens’ “quota” of allowable alcohol is not being violated while in quarantine.

Seemingly endless absurd stories of brazen government overreach are coming out of the two countries under lockdown, even with relatively low infection numbers compared to more hard-hit countries like the United States. The latest out of New Zealand suggests that even gang members and criminals are now turning to things like “smuggling” fast food and taking risks to merely enjoy simple freedoms, according to CNN:

Two alleged gang associates found with a car trunk “full of KFC” takeout were arrested as they tried to enter New Zealand’s largest city on Sunday in breach of strict coronavirus lockdown rules, according to police.

New Zealand Police actually released this photo of the “crime”

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