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the greatest lie told during covid, by el gato malo

What kind of threat do pandemics pose to modern societies? From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

scott atlas has made a list of the 10 biggest lies told by the misinformation ministries during covid.

you can read it HERE.

it’s a good list.

it covers spread, risk, mitigation, far fetched pharma fables, and all the other fabulism with which we have all become so unavoidably familiar.

and indeed, these were all lies told by people who either knew better or should have known better. every actual expert was sidelined and the social contagion of panic took center stage as the drama kids playing at being the science kids took the world on the greatest pseudoscientific joyride in human history. “story” overtook “science” and “epigram” shouted down “epidemiology.” 100 years of evidence based pandemic response programs were defenestrated and replaced with superstition driven diktat that “looked like doing something.”

and it has, predictably, fallen apart and is coming to be seen as the failure of nerve, failure of science, and failure of the asch conformity test that it was.

but that does not mean that it’s over.

what if embedded in all of this is perhaps one more lie?

the greatest lie.

the one lie to rule them all.

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Covid and the Three Tests of Compliance, by Jeffrey A Tucker 

Lockdowns, masks, and vaccines all did more harm than good, but even today the mainstream defends them. From Jeffrey A. Tucker at brownstone.org:

Three Tests of Compliance

Jesus in the wilderness faced three temptations from the Devil himself: material comfort, fame, and power. Needless to say, he declined every temptation and passed all three trials. 

So too did the couple seeking to enter the order of virtue in Mozart’s The Magic Flute. They blasted right through the tests of silence, isolation, and fear. In the opera, much celebration ensues. 

Fairy tales too are often framed by three chances. The Miller’s daughter is given three chances to guess Rumpelstiltskin’s name, for example, and I’m sure you can think of other instances. 

The final movement of the 6th “Tragic” Symphony by Gustav Mahler features three hammer blows, the third of which was later removed by the composer for superstitious reasons: the fear that the third signifies death. To this day, audiences wait in anticipation to see if the conductor will motion the percussionist to deploy the third or not. When he does not, the blow is even more conspicuous in its absence. 

And here we are in year three of the times after the pandemic response sent our lives and those of billions into extraordinary upheaval. To most of us, it seems like a crazy blur of edicts, propaganda, revelations, fear, confusion, division, and shock, so much so that it is hard to keep the history straight. Indeed, many people just want everything forgotten or at least completely mis-remembered. 

Daily, we are bombarded by fake history that we know is wrong. We lived through it. Brownstone has been accumulating all the receipts: the emails, speeches, edits, threats, impositions, demands, and so on. In the face of all this attempted revisionism, it’s hard to keep one’s bearing. 

One way to think about these last three years is a succession of compliance tests: how much liberty and good sense are we willing to surrender to the regime and on what terms? The policies seem to be constructed for just that purpose. 

As if to fit the model, they came in three great waves: lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates. Let’s examine all three stages and reflect on their demands and terms. It begins to make sense, at least from the point of view of those in control. 

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How the Powerful Captured the Public in a Pandemic, by Dr. Joseph Mercola

They’re putty in the hands of the powerful once they’re afraid. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

Video Link

Story at-a-glance

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks the truth about the authoritarian pandemic response that continues to threaten democracy and liberty as we know it
  • In an interview with journalist Kim Iversen, Kennedy explains how the military industrial complex uses mind control techniques and fear to exert control over the population
  • Fear is the enemy, as it allows totalitarian systems to take control of people, destroying democracy in the process
  • While democracy is resilient, we now have the technology available to control human behavior at a large scale
  • Democracy is dependent on the free flow of information, while censorship leads to totalitarianism

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks the truth about the authoritarian pandemic response that continues to threaten democracy and liberty as we know it. It’s cost him friendships and 40 years of political contacts, not to mention loss of income and business relationships.

But the threats to his reputation and credibility, as the media have attacked him and his message, don’t feel like a sacrifice, Kennedy says, as he feels called upon to advocate for this issue.

In an interview with journalist Kim Iversen, Kennedy explains, “I look at it as a gift. I was raised in a milieu, in a family, where we assume that our lives would be consumed in some controversy, and that it would be a privilege if we were able to take some meaningful role in that.”1

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RFK, Jr. to Kim Iversen: ‘Nobody Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism’, by Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

People surrendered without a shot. From Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., at childrenshealthdefense.org:

In an appearance this weekend on “The Kim Iversen Show,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and journalist Kim Iversen discussed resistance during the pandemic, strategies for rebuilding democracy and the power of fear — and of new technologies — to control dissent.

In an appearance this weekend on “The Kim Iversen Show,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and journalist Kim Iversen discussed resistance during the pandemic, strategies for rebuilding democracy and the power of fear — and of new technologies — to control dissent.

Iversen called Kennedy, chairman and chief litigation counsel of Children’s Health Defense, “one of the most prominent voices against the authoritarian pandemic response.”

On the subject of dissent, Iversen asked Kennedy what he thought made a heterogeneous group of people, about 30% of the American population, question or resist the official COVID-19 narrative when most people went along with it.

Kennedy pointed to a history of CIA research experiments, called MKUltra, which involved manipulating the human mind.

The most famous of these, he said, was the Milgram experiment, in which psychologist Stanley Milgram studied the willingness of research subjects from all walks of life to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience.

Sixty-seven percent of people in the experiment were willing, against their better judgment, to cause pain and even potential death to others when ordered to — while 33% of the subjects refused.

“It has struck me many, many times in the last year that we’re all now in the grips of this huge Milgram experiment,” Kennedy said, adding:

“We have a Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is this trusted authority, who’s telling us to do things that we know are wrong — like censor speech, like close all the churches in the country for a year with no scientific evidence, no citation, no public hearings, no public debate … who’s ordering us to put on masks, even though he admitted a week before that masks don’t work, who’s ordering us to close every business in the country — 3.3 million businesses — with no due process, no just compensation, in violation of the Constitution, who’s telling us to get rid of jury trials, the Sixth and Seventh Amendments.”

But in the Constitution, “there is no pandemic exception,” Kennedy said, regardless of the magnitude of a crisis.

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How the US gov’t built a shadow structure that enabled COVID vax ‘bioterrorism’, by Patrick Delaney

There isn’t an infectious disease exception in the U.S. Constitution, so the government simply ignored that document. From Patrick Delaney at lifesitenews.com:

‘Congress and U.S. Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution… through a massive domestic bioterrorism program relabeled as a public health program… on behalf of the World Health Organization and its financial backers,’ writes legal researcher Katherine Watt.

Featured Image

Editor’s Note: This article is the fourth of a series on the role of the U.S. government in orchestrating a bioterrorism attack upon their own citizens utilizing “biowarfare agents” marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines.” The prior three articles can be accessed here, here, and here.

(LifeSiteNews) — With exceptional detail and comprehensiveness, a paralegal researcher and journalist from Pennsylvania has documented the extensive “pseudo-legal” structures put in place over decades which allowed the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to execute its “COVID-19 vaccine” bioterrorism attack upon its own citizens, killing and maiming many thousands with complete impunity.

Katherine Watt identifies herself as “a Roman Catholic, American, Gen-X writer, paralegal, printmaker, wife and mother.” Prior to becoming a paralegal, Watt earned a philosophy degree from Penn State University, worked as a reporter for small newspapers, and then eventually founded Bailiwick News in 2016.

Former pharmaceutical executive and researcher Sasha Latypova, who has been a source of several important bombshell reports over the last year, has more recently relied on Watt’s documentation and strongly encouraged “everyone to subscribe to her and read her work. It’s an encyclopedia of law references, meticulously researched going back years describing how the [pseudo-legal] structure [for the government’s bioterrorism program] was put in place and what it entails.”

“I’m saying ‘pseudo-legal’ because you cannot legalize a crime,” Latypova explained in a December video lecture. “They made it on paper legal… [but] none of this is lawful because they are committing a crime.”

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The West Must Never Again Go Totalitarian, by Joakim Book

We’re already pretty far down the path to totalitarianism, with many parallels to earlier tyranny. From Joakim Book at brownstone.org:


The West can never again go totalitarian.

We saw it happen generations ago. We fought two of humanity’s most destructive wars and faced the horror of industrial-scale extermination. Never again, said the world’s peoples in the late 1940s, and they began the difficult task of uncovering all that had been done, all that had gone wrong.

The mass graves, the German and Soviet labor camps, the Japanese massacres in the Far East, America’s internment camps, the secret police and the mutilations, the ever-present threat of violence hanging over every member of society. We saw the personality cults around Hitler or Stalin for what they were, the blatant ideologies for what they had resulted in.

When the Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989, and with it the remains of the Evil Empire that had put it there, we discovered more horror. The archives of East Germany and the Kremlin showed that informants were everywhere happily giving up information – real or invented – on their fellow humans. We found more bodies. We learned that under enough fear and pressure, human life wasn’t worth anything. When push came to violent shove, bonds of family and community meant nothing.

The error of this terrifying history is to think that this was a problem of “the other,” someone far away who is nothing like us. Asks Thorsteinn Siglaugsson in a recent article: ”How do you find your inner Nazi? And how do you get him under control? Most people would have participated in the atrocities of their time, had they been put in that position – or at least sat by and allowed them to happen.”

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At the Crossroads . . . , by Eric Peters

Regulators of both cars and human health want to continuously reduce certain metrics regardless of how much it might cost to do so and negative ramifications. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:


Nostalgia is more than just fondly remembering what was. It is a kind of lamenting what is. Sometimes, it can be both at once, as when what was and what is cross paths, the one arriving – the other, fading away.

Cars you can still realistically screw around with yourself, for instance. These are still around and many people still drive them daily. They are vehicles like my 2002 Nissan pick-up, which I recently relieved of one of its two factory installed catalytic converters. You may ask – why would I do such a thing? Hold that thought a moment. The point is I could do it.

I do not mean just that I could physically do it – though that is part of it. The important part is that I could do it without electronic repercussions. Shorn of the second of its two factory installed cats, the truck’s computer did not sound the alarm. Or rather, flash it. The “check engine” light (which is really a check emissions controls light) did not come on because the computer could not tell I had cut off the second cat, there being no sensor aft of where the cat had been. The one just ahead of it – which is still there – was probably installed where it was to assure that the exhaust gasses passing by had been chemically converted sufficiently by the first cat, snugged up close to the engine.

In any event, what the computer doesn’t know won’t hurt me is the point. I was able to get rid of the second cat without the truck policing me for doing it. The truck runs noticeably better now, too – which brings me to the why I did it.

The cat I cut off was as old as the truck and likely half-choked by accumulated carbon. By removing it, I restored the flow that had been lost and probably at least partially made up for the restriction of flow created by the first cat, still snugged up close to the engine, where it, too, has been accumulating carbon build-up within its honeycomb lattice of platinum and palladium for lo these past 21 years.

I also nixed the probably restrictive factory muffler for a much less restrictive (and much better sounding) “turbo” muffler.

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It Was Always About Control, by Richard Kelly

From day one, none of the coronavirus response made any sense unless you assumed up front that it was all about control. From Richard Kelly at brownstone.org:

Early on in March 2020 I was leery of the hysteria surrounding Covid and decided my course of action was to be wait and see. At the time I was under the impression that I was a freeborn citizen with a number of unalienable rights, including sovereignty over my bodily choices.

So when the talk started about new vaccines being imminent, I again decided I would wait and see whether the vaccines were all they were cracked up to be. This was then, and is now, an entirely reasonable position to take, screeching from media and Twitter hounds notwithstanding. I didn’t expect it would turn out to be more like “wait and see how totally out of hand this will get.”

  • Wait and see how the government will forcibly close businesses
  • Wait and see how treatments will be suppressed
  • Wait and see how hysteria captured the media
  • Wait and see how healthy populations will be subject to house arrest
  • Wait and see how police will shoot protesters
  • Wait and see how a pregnant mother will be arrested for a Facebook post
  • Wait and see how medical services across state borders will be denied
  • Wait and see how ‘wait and see-ers’ will be demonized
  • Wait and see how family and friends will betray their loved ones

Well, I’ve waited long enough and I’ve seen more than enough. Thankfully the worst, most violent excesses have abated for now, if you exclude the ongoing carnage of short and long-term vaccine injury. There are lingering abominations from the blitzkrieg of lockdowns and vaccine mandates, but generally there is a sense that an uneasy peace, or maybe a phoney war, has descended on us.

Of course, there is still a serious amount of Covid pantomime going on.

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Forsaken Children of a Forged Pandemic, by David Marks

The way children have been treated during the Covid fiasco reveals the malevolence of the Covid commissars. From David Marks at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

Anguish is assured when depravity prevails

In this guest essay, David Marks, a 2022 CHD fellow (Children’s Health Defense) and a veteran journalist and filmmaker, takes a few steps back to look at the unfolding of pandemic events with the experience of children in mind. We know many of these low points, and yet when they are seen sequentially, the tragedy is almost ovwhelming and the challenge clear. This piece will also post on David’s substack —

— Perhaps consider subscribing, as he will be publishing new articles and interviews next year that will be as engaging as this piece.

By David Marks

As the dark cloud of an ominous pandemic approached, the potential threat was exacerbated by a compromised medical establishment and the duplicity of governments and mass media. Authorities weaponized their response without a full evaluation of perils or objectives. Unfounded fear-mongering and empty assurances exasperated an already existing disorder.

Anxiety and trepidation were instigated to justify the exploitation of the public. Because of hidden agendas, the origin of the virus was obscured. With statistics being manipulated, little is known about the actual virulence of a pathogen that has been blamed for rampant suffering.

Pharmaceutical giants quickly stepped in and opportunistically claimed they would provide all that was needed to eliminate the spread and dangers of a killer virus. To entrench their marketing position, they relied on and reiterated the baseless, widely held conventional wisdom that modern science and bio-medicine hold the only salvation to mitigate a human health disaster.

In lockstep, Big Pharma’s proxies promoted a false narrative exaggerating the risk of agonizing sickness and death. Allied forces in politics and corporate news insisted that mandates and lockdowns were absolutely necessary until a new vaccine was concocted and distributed.

Less incendiary reports predicted there was an emerging powerful strain of the flu, and that it might be dangerous to the elderly or those with pre-existing illnesses. In response to this manageable global health crisis, the public was deceived into thinking they were in great jeopardy and that the only effective solution was the rapid development of untested biotechnology.

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The Great Overreaction, by Lori Weintz

Only by magnifying the threat from the virus out of all proportion were the Covid commissars able to achieve their true goal: more power. From Lori Weintz at brownstone.org:


If there is one thing that people should have learned from the pandemic, it is that the more control government takes over our day-to-day lives, the less we have of everything that makes life worth living.

The list of questions about our dystopian Covid-19 response will be analyzed and investigated for years to come. It’s essential we continue the work of uncovering the lies and manipulation we’ve all experienced, and bring those responsible to account. Some things may never be adequately uncovered or explained, but we can’t get caught up in the many aspects of the pandemic response at the expense of the bigger picture.

The following examines two key realizations about the pandemic on which we need to focus, regardless of what else we discover and what actions are taken:

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic response was not based on sound medicine or science, and was not commensurate with the actual threat of the illness. Even if Covid-19 had proved to be as lethal as it’s falsely claimed to be, violating human rights and depriving individuals of personal autonomy are never the appropriate response to a pandemic. We must never let this happen again.
  2. The Covid-19 pandemic revealed movements, led by globalists and wealthy technocrats, but also supported by many of our government and public leaders, to grasp power in ways that have the potential to destroy the foundations of Western civilization. There is a push toward global governance, in which all citizens are tracked and controlled in every aspect of their lives through digital identification, under the guise of preserving and distributing Earth’s resources in a more “equitable” manner.

Some kind, or naïve, souls will still try to say that our Covid response was a result of the government and public health authorities trying to do the best they could, to handle a brand new virus that no one could predict. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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