Vaccinate for Global Democracy? The US Empire Turns Therapeutic, by Alice Salles

Let’s make the world safe for unsafe and ineffective vaccines. From Alice Salles at

After twenty years of failure in Afghanistan, the US government is embarking upon yet another unwinnable war. This time around, however, the military-industrial-congressional complex isn’t pulling the strings.

In a Washington Post editorial published shortly before the United Nations General Assembly’s global summit on fighting the pandemic, editors made the case that President Joe Biden and European leaders should use the tools provided by the UN to “reach tangible outcomes to help the global south.”

Yes, while many states challenge Biden’s national vaccine mandate, legacy media pushes to turn the US into a world vaccine provider, making the case for “vaccine equity.”

That includes serving as “the world’s arsenal of vaccines,” a goal put forth by Biden in early June.

What needs to happen now is to accelerate dose delivery [of covid-19 vaccines] to lower- and middle-income countries. As the White House plan for the summit notes, rich countries could swap places in delivery schedules with poorer countries, and expedite delivery of those doses already pledged….

China has been adept at vaccine diplomacy in poor corners of the world—and earning goodwill points. The summit is a chance for Mr. Biden to show that the United States will live up to his goal.

But what does living up to his goal really look like? Would foreign nationals have the ability to seek compensation for damages caused by the vaccine in a local or global court? Better yet, does anyone have a say on whether they get injected with a vaccine they do not want or trust?

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