Avoiding a Soylent Future, by Eric Peters

Try growing some of your own food. It will be a lot better than what you can buy in a grocery store, if you can even find what you’re looking for. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Hamburger and pork chops are becoming what lobster used to be – expensive specialty foods most of us can only afford to eat once in awhile.

Forget steaks.

Or at least, forget paying $15 for a downer cow (and  probably meat-glued) 8 oz. “steak” at the supermarket, where the same piece of meat cost $7 or so just ten months ago.

Thanks, Joe.

Dystopian theories about a Soylent Green future – in which the masses don’t eat meat because meat is unaffordable – even unavailable – seem to be congealing into facts of life. It may be that the only non-elite people who get to eat meat in the future – six months from now – will be the people who raise it, themselves.

You may have read about my decision to raise chickens and ducks – which I decided to do for the same reason I ride my motorcycle rather than drive my truck (whenever possible). It is a way – perhaps the only way remaining – to counterbalance the devaluing of our money, which is really the corporation’s money. I here refer to the cartel of privately owned banks – the corporations – that control the money supply and so own the purchasing power of what is regarded, naively, as “our” money. Also “our” government – which is owned by the same corporate interests, which control it (and thereby, us) using their money.

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