Why Do Some American Sinophobes Seem To Want a US-China War, And Are Doing Their Damndest To Set One Up? by Tom Fowdy

A war with China wouldn’t be smart even if the US could win, which is problematic. From Tom Rowdy at RT News via lewrockwell.com:

If you don’t want a military conflict with China, then don’t encircle it, provoke it and wilfully misunderstand its motives. Beijing is not seeking world domination, but the continuing rejuvenation of its nation.

Two hawkish American academics, Michael Beckley and Hal Brands, have been relentless in their anti-China op-eds over the past few weeks. In a number of publications, including Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy and now The Atlantic, as well as spin-offs on Bloomberg, their pieces all strike a very similar pessimistic tone, that the prospect of a US war with China is becoming more likely as the so-called “strategic window” which Beijing has to establish itself as a global power is closing.

The latest piece argues that in lieu of these goals and a changing geopolitical context, China is a “revisionist state” that is preparing to resort to war in order to seal its territorial claims, dominate East Asia and then move onwards to the world.

Using the historical precedent of how China has utilized force to respond to potential fear of encirclement from foreign powers, including the Korean (1950-53), Indian (1962) and Sino-Vietnamese (1979) wars, the pair argue that Beijing, fearing a new encirclement and on seeing a narrowing window for its goals, may respond forcefully to seal its stakes on Taiwan or islands in the South and East China seas, and that it has less economic incentive for peace than it has had in the past four decades.

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