Vladimir Putin of Russia: Statesman, by Cameron Salisbury

If you can set aside the never-ending flow of propaganda about Vladimir Putin and examine his record, you’ll find a commanding and competent figure who rescued Russia from the mire in which it was stuck at the turn of the century. He’s surely got at least 75 IQ points on Biden. From Cameron Salisbury at theburningplatform.com:

Allow me to introduce you to a remarkable man that you’ve heard of but to whom you have never been properly introduced. His name is Vladimir Putin.

As you will see, he is actually a peace maker and statesman not only of the decade but possibly of the century. Time will tell.

Equipped with a law degree, he came to power in Russia, the result of his work for the state, his recognized brilliance, planning and organizing ability, after a stint with the KGB, as some of the U.S. powers, like Bush senior, came through the CIA. It’s hard to find any acknowledgment of his genius and achievements any where in the Western press, including the encyclopedia Britannica. But far from being an enemy of the West, a closer look reveals a calming presence in the face of a repeated Western (U.S.) affronts and apparent false flag operations.

It’s been a tribute to Putin that the U.S. has devoted so much time and energy in a relentless struggle to make him a pariah. They’ve done so largely because the Department of Defense needed a military enemy to maintain it’s gargantuan annual budget. In addition, the U.S. power base wanted no threat to its own world leadership position which Russia, with Putin’s leadership, existentially posed.

Although the government’s media lapdogs succeeded in making Putin’s name toxic in America, it’s success was notably lacking in much of the rest of the world. And in Russia, where he was first appointed president in 1999, he has been elected by increasing margins every time he ran. He has served as prime minister or president every year for over 20 years, most recently elected by a 80% plurality. Although denigrated by the U.S. as a fake election, an identical reaction to all Putin achievements, it’s hard to argue with his popularity no matter how many of his domestic enemies the U.S. locates and supports.

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2 responses to “Vladimir Putin of Russia: Statesman, by Cameron Salisbury

  1. Great link Robert, will be using it myself .@https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/
    I usually check Jim Quinn’s Burning Platform as well!!!


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