Stories that the mainstream media will not cover, by Steve Kirsch

Anything that suggests the vaccines might be dangerous, or anything that suggests that natural immunity is better than vaccinated immunity, is ignored by the mainstream media. From Steve Kirsch at

A collection stories that for some odd reason won’t get any press coverage. I’m not exactly sure why…

I hear so many incredible stories you’ll never see in the mainstream media, I thought I’d start an article to collect them. I plan to add more to this list over time.

Why am I doing this? Because the press isn’t reporting these stories and these stories need to be told.

Have I fully vetted and verified all these stories personally? No. But they seem very plausible based on stories I have heard from reliable sources. So with that caveat, here goes.

Nurse is COVID recovered yet shunned by her peers. That makes no sense.

Caroline Stepovich has been a nurse for the past 37 years.

She got COVID and recovered. She still suffers from long-haul symptoms.

She isn’t vaccinated, she knows the vaccine are dangerous, she knows too many vaccine injured, and there is no way she’s going to get the vaccine. No benefit, only risk to her. It would be a really dumb decision.

She is shunned by all her vaccinated friends (including other nurses) who:

  • blame her for the pandemic
  • feel it is dangerous to be around her
  • say she is selfish
  • say that she isn’t “a team player”
  • claim she is evil for not doing the right thing by getting vaccinated.

She calmly tells her friends that as someone who is COVID recovered, she is much safer to be around since even if she gets re-infected, she cannot transmit the virus. And furthermore, if she does get re-infected, she won’t get hospitalized or die.

Caroline is superior to her vaccinated friends from both a risk and burden perspective. There is no evidence that she can infect her friends and she isn’t a burden on society if she gets re-infected. Her friends don’t have a single advantage over her in any way.

Her friends tell her that what she said isn’t true and is misinformation.

Wow. What Caroline says comes right from the CDC (showing if you are COVID recovered there is no evidence that shows you can transmit a subsequent infection) and a Harvard study (showing people who have recovered immunity don’t get reinfected).

I don’t know where her friends are getting their information. Maybe they should subscribe to my substack?

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One response to “Stories that the mainstream media will not cover, by Steve Kirsch

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