Is a ‘Russian Century’ Shaping Up (by Default)? By Stephen Karganovic

It’s a mark of just how far Western lunacy has gone that many of the West’s still normal inhabitants look wistfully towards Russia. From Stephen Karganovic at

Imbued with its traditional values and the idealism tempered by common sense of its people, Russia is bound to become one of the major civilizational poles of the emerging multipolar world

In a noteworthy recent analysis, Russian-American publicist Dmitry Orlov advances an argument that may sound fatuous, but actually has more substance than meets the eye.

In essence, what Orlov claims is that the often heard criticism hurled at Russians that they have not mastered the technique of soft power is misconceived. And that the widely advertised cutting edge military wonder-weapons are not the most powerful assets in Russia’s arsenal. Orlov advances the startling hypothesis that Russia’s mightiest weapon is not even secret but is out in the open for all to see. And, he would probably add, admire.

That weapon, according to Orlov, is Russia’s ostentatious and magnetic embrace of normalcy, making it attractive to countless citizens of the former “free world” who have come to loath the degeneracy of the West, where they feel trapped. They are searching for an alternative society, where decency and traditional values are actively affirmed and promoted. For many of them, politics aside, contemporary Russia is precisely the kind of society that they miss in their own countries and are now looking for elsewhere.

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