The Blowup, by Eric Peters

What do you do with your Tesla when they want $20k to replace its battery? Blow it up! From Eric Peters at

Out here in the country, there’s a saying about what to do with something you no longer need, like an old refrigerator – or a car that’s beyond fixing.

Throw it in the Woods.

Tuomos Katainen of Jaala, Finland, had a better idea.   

Blow the damned thing up!

And so, he did. Took his not-worth-fixing 2013 Tesla Model S, strapped it with dynamite and blew it to kingdom come. But why would anyone do such a thing to a car – a six figure car, when it was new, only nine years ago? One does not often read about owners of nine-year-old Mercedes S-Class sedans blowing them to kingdom come.

That’s because a nine-year-old S-Class probably has another nine years of useful life left. Most cars – that aren’t electric cars – have years of life left after just nine years in service. It is why the average age of cars (and trucks) currently in service is twelve years-old. Many of these will probably still be in service twelve years from now.

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