Treating Disease With Health Not Vaccines, by Dr. Mark Sircus

Covid prevention and treatment without vaccines, from Dr. Mark Sircus at

Since the early days of modern medicine and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry, the mental conditioning, propaganda, and hypnosis that bends the public’s minds towards their products has been relentless. Pharmaceutical medicine is a form of treatment that is not interested in promoting health (there is no money in that) or curing disease but in promoting disease.

As a result, modern medicine has been built on quicksand. When I say quicksand, we need to look at how doctors and health officials wrongly see disease and the human condition. And somehow, vaccines are right in the middle of this wrongness. But first, let us take heart attacks and strokes.

When we say a person died of cardiac arrest or a stroke, we are standing on top of the quicksand, but as we sink below to the actual cause, most people die of magnesium deficiency in these two conditions. Still, you will NEVER hear a doctor say a person died of magnesium deficiency though medical science sustains the truth of this reality.

Healthy people have plenty of magnesium in their cells, so think about taking a gram of magnesium a day to protect yourself from a host of illnesses. Cardiologists could give out a hundred medicines, but none can compensate for magnesium deficiencies, which is the primary reason people have heart problems, strokes, and diabetes.

Everyone is freaked out about COVID and, before that, the flu, and now they are inventing a new one, Flurona, and this is where the obsession with vaccines comes in. The truth is that it is almost impossible to die of COVID or the flu if one’s vitamin D blood level is high enough. Meaning if you get enough sun and are not obese (fully inflamed body), you’re going to be okay. And now, no big surprise, a coronavirus variant with 46 mutations has been detected in southern France. The first patient was vaccinated, showing health, not vaccines, are the way to go.

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