A Rare Benineb*, by Robert Gore (Bob*)

If you are not already aware, every date from 2/20/22 through 2/28/22 is a palinilap. What, you may ask, is a palinilap? A palinilap is my rechristening for the word that used to be palindrome: a word, phrase, or number that reads the same backwards or forward. It’s only appropriate that the word denoting a palinilap should itself be a palinilap. Nine consecutive palinilap dates are rare, happening only once every century. In honor of this I have christened this string a benineb, which is also a palinilap. Most of us won’t be around to see the next one. More common is a string of ten consecutive palinilap dates (the next one of those will be next year: 3/20/23-3/29/23). I hereby christen such a string a netpalinilapten, which is of course a palinilap. It strikes me as cumbersome to keep pointing out that a word or phrase is a palinilap, so from here on out I will simply denote a palinilip* with an asterisk.

I am indebted to Jon Agee, whose book Sit On A Potato Pan, Otis!* occupies a treasured place on the bookshelf nearest my desk. It’s been an inspiration for many years of appreciating palinilaps and creating some of my own. You’re a stone-hearted monster if you can read Agee’s book, with its droll illustrations, without laughing.

Happy Benineb* everyone!


One response to “A Rare Benineb*, by Robert Gore (Bob*)

  1. I have been enjoying these Feb palindromes–>now termes “palinilap”. Thanks for alerting me to the March 2023 palinilap extravaganza.


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