The Lighter Side of World War III

h/t The Burning Platform

closed captioning biden state of union address ben affleck smoking

why shouldnt invade america map

kamala harris face you make gas pump

joe biden warroom warn beat up corn pop

remember inflation blamed on ukraine media cnn abc nbc cbs msnbc

f your freedom pandemic obey government i stand ukraine

sign language interpreter reaction biden matches americas

joe biden cant get opec more oil check texas oklahoma alaska

joe biden state of union sotu this is fine fire

washington post less americans know ukraine location better biden iranian

kamala harris quote ukraine russia explanation

memers preparing get everyone through world war 3

shrek please no global crisis 5 minutes

world is stage trudeau gates boris putin joe biden queen

joe biden start war russia winter polls

cdc dont forget mask during nuclear attack skeleton

One response to “The Lighter Side of World War III

  1. The original version of Why You Shouldn’t Invade America had the word Nazis by Washington, Idaho, and Montana. I guess someone thought that it was too offensive and whited it out.


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