Has the US Funded Bioweapons Research in Ukraine? by Dr. Joseph Mercola

There are far too many unanswered questions about U.S.-funded bioresearch labs in Ukraine. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at lewrockwell.com:

According to Russian officials, the U.S. government has been financing and helping Ukraine develop a secret bioweapons program.1 The U.S. State Department has shrugged it off as “total nonsense,”2 and fact checkers have published countless “consensus statements” emphatically denying the Russian claim over the past few weeks.

As usual, it’s difficult to discern the truth, as both sides are churning out propaganda. In the video above, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson reviews what we’ve come to know so far.

Under Secretary of State Admits US Funding of Ukraine Labs

While the Biden administration has vehemently denied the Russian accusation, March 8, 2022, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, admitted that “biological research laboratories” in Ukraine have in fact been funded and operated under the direction of the U.S.3

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