The Impossibility Of Autarchy, by Daniel Lacalle

Trade within a country or among countries happens for reason: both parties benefit. If a country could achieve self-sufficiency in everything (autarchy), it would be shooting itself in the foot, denying itself the benefits of trade. From Daniel Lacalle at The Epoch Times via

The invasion of Ukraine, the spike in inflation, and the risks of supply shortages have made some politicians dust off some of the worst economic ideas in history: autarchy and protectionism.

Shipping containers are unloaded from ships at a container terminal at the Port of Long Beach-Port of Los Angeles complex in Los Angeles, Calif., on April 7, 2021. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Some believe that if our nation produced everything we needed, we would all be better off because we wouldn’t depend on others. The idea comes from a deep lack of understanding of economics. There’s no such thing as autarchy. There’s no such thing as covering all the needs of a population based on the limit of a politically defined border. It makes no sense.

If I told you that I wanted to make my city self-sufficient, you would laugh about it, understanding that it’s impossible and that the reason why my city thrives is because of the interaction and commerce with other cities. However, when a group of politicians defines a nation’s border, we’re immediately led to believe that thos

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