Ukraine, the pain, a country down the drain

h/t The Burning Platform

soldiers biden pizza commander in chief buffoon fraud

jen psaki biden putin did it dogs shredding

cdc inflated coding logic error my bad

post meme lose account hunter laptop sex slaves nobody cares

merged all media one state owned platform zelensky hero end of story npc

people standing ukraine opposed standing freedom covid change my mind

blackburn define woman fact checkers jackson brown we got you

tweet mcgrath usain bolt record broken by cheetah

tax work investment spending saving

you cant see grandma adopt a ukrainian escalation

those speaking us funded biolabs in ukraine big tech silence

cyber attacks biggest threat digital currency

james comey silly peasants laws are for poor people

trudeau shut down bank account zuck social media biden car schwab own nothing be happy

One response to “Ukraine, the pain, a country down the drain

  1. ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’ is only part of the statement. the remainder is ‘because i will own all and be the happiest’.

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