Send In The Clowns

h/t The Burning Platform and Frank Sinatra

kjb not biologist biden not a president

naming files hunter biden laptop so feds dont look through

shitzu difference biden pelosi aoc

politics joe biden build back better Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

oscar grouch years voting democrat still living trash can

joe biden same gun control california mass shootings

Build Back Better Meme - VoBss

me driving away from conformity indoctrination brainwashing group think

tweet printed 8 trillion sent you 1400 rest to friends left you with inflation

npc government believe everything say wrong

not drilling oil here global warming same amount of oil elsewhere burn more get it

joe biden puppet strings handlers drop still on stage

rand paul function research fauci what difference

babylon bee blm more protests beach house for sale on zillow

china center cnn lebron fauci biden cdc dnc fb nfl liberals

want to be left alone another extremist

sanctions russian bear ice usa

signs school board vask your child

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