Will Finland’s Warrior Women Cross Russia’s Kola Rubicon? By Declan Hayes

It would be ironic and upend any lingering sexual stereotypes if Scandanavia’s women leaders ignited World War III. From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

Though Ukraine still suffers the fallout from that foolish war to end all wars, the criminal stupidity over Kola of these NATO handmaidens will all but ensure that the fallout for all of them will be nuclear.

When considering Finland throwing down the nuclear gauntlet over Russia’s Kola peninsula, Finland’s metamorphosis from placid puppy to rabid war dog is best viewed by comparing Sanna Marin, Finland’s current leader, to Field Marshal Mannerheim, of the Winter War’s Mannerheim Line fame.

Being raised by her dysfunctional lesbian parents apart, Marin has gleaned nothing from the University of Life. Mannerheim, in contrast, was a general, a courtier and a spy for Tsar Nicholas; he fought in the 1904/5 Russo Japanese war, he taught the Dalai Lama how to use firearms, he was an aristocrat with a keen sense of history and duty, a key ally of Hitler and such a formidable leader in the Winter and Continuation wars that the Soviets concluded a separate peace with Finland to end the Continuation War and let the Red Army concentrate on defeating the Wehrmacht.

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One response to “Will Finland’s Warrior Women Cross Russia’s Kola Rubicon? By Declan Hayes

  1. As I live in Finland, I enjoyed reading a different point of view other than the official line. Also enjoyed the humor in it, as this is a tough and dark subject.


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