Whither Slava Ukraini? By Declan Hayes

The Western propaganda effort for a Ukrainian power structure riddled with corruption and treachery is ludicrous. Fortunately, some truth about Ukraine is starting to surface. From Declan Hayes at strategic-fortune.org:

If you want Ukraine to have a future, you must rid her of her oligarchic parasites and their over paid clowns.

And so, now that the evacuation (yeah, right) of Mariupol’s Azovs has passed, let’s balance the costs against the benefits, salute the brave and criticize the other. The Siege of Mariupol was nothing like Stalingrad, where the tractor factory was pulverized by the German XIV Panzer Korps, aided by over 2,000 Luftflotte sorties, before changing hands time and again in floor by floor and room by room fighting. And nor was the Siege of Mariupol anything like Aleppo’s prison siege, where heroic Syrian soldiers, warders and prisoners held off waves of American led terrorists for over a year before their compatriots evacuated them to their own lines.

This is not to deny that some of the Azovs fought as bravely as their 6th Army heroes. No doubt, they did. But, as Mariupol’s steel works was designed to withstand a nuclear attack, it was the perfect place for them to hole up until the 7th Cavalry arrived, which they did in Aleppo but did not in Mariupol or Stalingrad, from where almost all of the surviving 91,000 German soldiers were finally evacuated on February 2, 1943.

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