Viktor Orbán, the Man Who Could Save the European Union From Itself, by Robert Bridge

Viktor Orbán is one of the few European leaders with even a modicum of common sense or competence. From Robert Bridge at

Viktor Orbán would be the perfect candidate to lead the European Union through this moment of ideological darkness, Robert Bridge writes.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has once again deviated from the Brussels’ narrative, this time warning that the severe EU sanctions targeting Russia could produce aftereffects not unlike those of a nuclear explosion, potentially subjecting a large swath of the world’s population to food shortages and mass migration. Will Brussels heed his warnings this time?

Viktor Orbán has defied the fuzzy logic of Brussels, and once again it would appear he is correct. Perhaps this speaks less to any sort of political genius on the part of the Hungarian leader and more to the disastrous decisions coming from the EU leadership. In any case, Orbán deserves credit for being one of the last voices of reason when it comes to handling the Ukrainian crisis.

During a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the weekend, the Hungarian leader said that the brutal «sanctions against Russia” are “equal to an atomic bomb,” where people around the world will go hungry, thereby triggering, among other things, a wave of mass migration.

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2 responses to “Viktor Orbán, the Man Who Could Save the European Union From Itself, by Robert Bridge

  1. Robert: Impossible to get through on to the site of strategic-culture to read this article.
    Only available what you post in introduction in English.
    Are they blocking this?
    Also on your Bill Gates article almost all videos were blocked…
    Thanks for all the info you circulate!
    Very much appreciated.


    • J.C.

      I have heard the same about Strategic Culture from other SLL readers. I have no problem getting through so I post some of their articles. I can only speculate as to why access is being selectively denied, but the site has been labeled a Russian controlled or influenced site, and American writers who wrote for it were threatened with huge fines if they continued to do so. I have no solution to this ugly situation, but I will keep posting articles with apologies to those who cannot access them. As for the Bill Gates article videos, again I have no explanation, other than welcome to 1984.


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