The Mexican Border, by William Gudal

An article from SLL reader William Gudal.

I have a solution for the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Before I reveal the solution, there needs to be some base lining between us so that we can move forward in a common discussion. First, do you agree that the complete open border is a greater threat to the people of the United States than the Russian military action in Ukraine and Crimea? Do you agree that the $40 billion being spent on another U.S. military fiasco, this time in Ukraine, could be better spent on the Southern border? Do you agree that virtually nothing good comes from south of the border, from a “country” that is a failed state with no functioning federal or state governments? Do you agree that at present the international border between Mexico and the United States has evaporated into thin air and that the border no longer exists? Do you agree the unprecedented, unchecked numbers of people flooding across the Mexican border from all over the world are incubating nothing but trouble?

If we’re in agreement on all that, then there is a solution. One hundred miles into Mexico the United States will build a reception depot on Mexican soil. All persons crossing the border, except at authorized controlled entry ports, will be taken into custody and within 24 hours transported to the reception depot, given a week’s food and water, and released. The concept of asylum applies to less than 0.1% of those transported and arrangements will be made at the reception depot to deal with the tiny few who fall into a possible asylum category. This a humane way to reassert the right of the United States to maintain itself as a sovereign nation and to reject the assault from the one-world-government terrorists.

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