No Cure For Stupid

h/t The Burning Platform

fauci got any more horse paste drug addict

historic powerball lotto jackbox 2 tanks gas

shelves look bare ukraine defense programs like this rockets

when you put on a show trial and nobody shows up jan 6th

joe biden selfie stock market crash prices

joker covid showing monkeypox saw on news

babylon bee solve tampon shortage by emptying ones mens bathroom

joe biden running the country like ridding a bike

no one wants to take away your guns newsweek nyt democrats 2nd amendment

tweet wheel of fortune buy vowel millenial rent

wake up son plant foods pharma cash cows

falling down look face gas 2 to 5 economy better

aoc kill burglar value things more than life

biden train hitting bus your 401k

message if silent about beliefs offended important what people think

cat mouse doordash delivery

tricycle gas or coffee money

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