Nothing is confirmed with government until it tries to shift the blame. From State of the Nation at

This is the turning point we’ve all been waiting for.

Let’s first understand the indisputable reality about the execution of OPERATION COVID-19 and the subsequent implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda: The countless criminal conspirators who carried out this global genocide are extremely delusional psychopaths and criminally insane genocidal maniacs.

When such is the case, they are going to do a LOT of very stupid things in the course of committing their capital crime wave worldwide.  In fact, these murderous psychos have made one mistake after another—VERY BIG MISTAKES, that is.  Yet it’s quite possible that these epic blunders were not mistakes at all; rather, just a reflection of the complete command and control that the New World Order globalist cabal currently exerts over the entire planetary civilization.  Or, at least, thinks they exert.

Regardless of the true status of their global dominance, the NWO perpetrators of the COVID-19 biowar being waged against all of humanity have really screwed up.  Their main miscalculation, by far, was the extent to which they believed they could maintain the cover-up of the Covid ‘vaccine’ genocide.

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