Need A Black Humor Kind Of Laugh?

h/t The Burning Platfom


maxwell 20 years sex trafficking assange 175 years war crimes

nancy pelosi covid come back november mail in ballots need

tweet aoc taylor greene carbon footprint of russian proxy war


jabba the hutt im on a sex strike


axios biden inflation supreme court roe v wade

anybody constitution definition shall not be inflinged

counterculture 1980 punk 2022 traditional family

biden savings stock market inflation recession gas blame putin


progressive easier buy gun than baby formula self burn

sponge bob inflation bigger relief checks california


message lose sense humor sense of self importance office sign

buzz lightyear celebrating day won by armed citizens 4th july independence

4th july celebration reactment of an insurrection


tweet not smart enough people stupider than me





One response to “Need A Black Humor Kind Of Laugh?

  1. Thanks! I needed those laughs!


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