Reality Can Not Be Canceled, by Good Citizen

How would you like it if somebody told you that you couldn’t pursue your chosen profession because of the policies of your government. No, I’m not talking about farmers and the nitrogen policies of the Dutch and Canadian governments, but rather a tennis player and the policy of the British government. From Good Citizen at

Russian tennis ace Elena Rybakina short circuits Ukrainian Borg.

“Nice try England.” – Vlad P.

Reality always has a way of catching up to western intelligence-media-complex propaganda and its programming diktats. Those who allow themselves to be assimilated to these borgs will inevitably face a brutal reckoning of truth and the consequences that come from its dedicated subversion.

The end result is mass mental short-circuiting, a collective fog of confusion and discomfort that forces disciples to begin the long exhaustive process of rewiring what they allowed to malfunction by outsourcing their thinking to the crowd and the social engineers entrusted with its formation. By the time they glimpse any success in attempting to reconnect to reality, chances are they’ve already outsourced their brains to a new borg created by behavioral managers to ensure the truth is continuously out of reach.

The truth is that no matter how hard the west attempts the cowardly and shameful process of trying to erase a nation of 145 million people, reality asserts that Russia can not be canceled.

The politicization of everything in the hypocritical west required Russian tennis players to be banned from playing this year on Wimbledon’s perfectly manicured lawn tennis courts by a committee of stuffy tennis mid-wits in pressed khakis and polos.

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